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Looking for sources for a small form-factor SMD 420nm LED


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May 15, 2012

It's been a long while since I'd been here! I'm getting back into playing with electronics. I started playing some Nintendo Switch this year because I just love sitting back on the couch instead of at an office chair at my desktop after I get home from work.

And I noticed the infamous, "Drift," problem people are having is due to a really weak signal from the Switch' Joy-con controllers. If I'm more than like 8 feet away from the console or I'm blocking the signal path with my leg or feet or there's too much stuff on my coffee table, I lose connection and the system assumes that the last signals it received from the controller are still active, so it just starts drifting or press-and-hold'ing. So I'm going to open these things up and put some aftermarket high gain antennas on 'em; gladly void my warranty for this.

So of course I'm going to mod the LEDs too! I wanted to put some unique LEDs in there to replace the classic yellow-green OEM LED indicators. They're a 0603 SMD package, which are 1.6mm x 0.8mm x 0.6mm (LxWxD) max envelope dimensions, and honestly I'd probably have a good amount of wiggle room to use under/over-sized packages, couple sizes up or down. I'm not really an electronics guy, so I can't look at the circuit to instantly tell if it's got a regular CV regulator or CC, but I'd bank on just shoving in some new modern LEDs would be consistent enough with the design even if they're a little dimmer

Anywho, I can't find an easy small order source for small SMD 420nm LEDs. I found one thing, I think on DigiKey or Alibaba or something where the minimum order was some insane figure like $1.2k (US) or something really dumb. Just putting the word out there, wondering if anyone had come across any sources for similar hardware

I love 420nm because it just really pierces the eyes. I made a 1W 420nm flashlight a while ago. It's super bright yet difficult for the human eye to detect, so much more noticeably than with 405nm, you get these black buzzing static spots in the vision where a surface is illuminated; it's a lot like staring into a bright blue sky on a clear sunny day. It looks like it feels when your leg falls asleep and you get pins and needles sensations in your foot. Really neat and unique wavelength.

Thank! 🐄✨