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Long overdue review: Skylasers/LaserBTB HL 532

Oct 18, 2013
My most powerful green laser that I got as part of a big box of laser supplies that I got from the user XxCodyDarnellxX.

**This laser was NOT purchased from LaserBTB/Skylasers and as such my review omits the purchasing experience**

Maker: LaserBTB/Skylasers
Model: HL532-300

My most powerful green laser, which I purchased used from Cody Darnell when he sold off all his laser gear.

This laser was purchased through Skylasers but is identical the the LaserBTB HL532 series.

This laser is very well built. I'm unsure of what metal it is constructed of but it feels heavier and harder than aluminum. Its silver inside so it could very well be made of steel. It has a nice weight and feels very solid in the hand. Nothing wiggles, rattles, or is loose. The host is a long tube that is mostly plain except for some texturing around the grip and some grooves towards the aperture end for heatsinking. The host is black in color with a very hard anodized finish. All the threads are smooth and clean cut. This laser features a keyed lockout switch and an aperture shutter, making it FDA compliant. The shutter mechanism is very smooth and has little play in it.

The beam from this laser is exceptional, being a high quality DPSS laser. Divergence is tight, the dot is a nice round shape, and there is absolutely no splash around the dot. Being a high power DPSS it takes time to stabilize, it typically takes >30 seconds if the ambient temperature is above 15 C. An IR filter is an optional purchase for this laser, I'm unaware if this laser has one or not.

This laser was purchased as a 300 mW model, but only measures 220 mW when stable.

Long term durability of this laser is excellent. Despite being previously owned and well used by me, the black anodizing is completely intact and shows no sign of wear. The only visible sign that this laser isn't new are the stickers peeling up at the corners.

Laser Functionality: 4/5
Laser Build Quality: 5/5
Laser Durability: 5/5
Beam Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5

Overall this is an excellent quality laser. There are less expensive options for this power level at this wavelength, but in my opinion the slightly higher cost is worth the excellent build quality and durability. While the rated power of a laser is only an estimate, I wouldn't expect a laser from such a reputable company to be so far under the advertised power. Perhaps this is just an unlucky one, but I'm surprised quality control let it through.


Active member
Dec 19, 2012
I feel your pain. I have a HL650-300 that only generates 270mw of power. I guess -10% isn't so bad but still, I feel your pain.


New member
Apr 26, 2015
Is the output 'luck of the draw', or associated with the HL host more so than with the PL host? My PL-200 with IR filter installed peaks at 400mW, and stabilizes around 300-320mW.