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Long-FL 2W 445nm Build


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Jan 2, 2010
This is for a 5.6mm pressed diode, 445nm ~2W (2.5A) multi-mode build;

I have typically used a lot of the common lenses that float around here for 9x0.5mm threaded laser optic barrels, G1, Aixiz, etc. I am planning on building a high-output 2W 445nm diode-laser in a larger 2x26650 host I found to like the design of, so I want to also use a large optic set (with low divergence instead of typical small beam), since I do have a larger size host for a long-FL lens.

To state a basic goal of the design, the lens/barrel diameter can be up to 20mm OD maximum. FL should probably be limited to that range as well, though it's not as restricted a value as maximum optic diameter that will fit in the head.

Looking at Edmund optics, a question came to mind. Would it be possible to use a mounted achromatic-pair to achieve something like I desire? Or are those pairs for imaging purposes rather than laser focusing?

Example: Mounted Achromatic Pairs - 15mm

Once I get an idea of an optics set which can work, I will mount it and bore the module out to fit the lens/barrel assembly. I may not use a mounted prism pair, but not certain on that. (I thought about it, if I end up having the room available in the optics to get away with mounting a pair.)

Thanks for any suggestions here. I don't need the best optic arrangement available, but a decent lens/lens set in this build was the general idea.

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