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Libra/Anser/Aquarius & Diffraction Grating


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Sep 5, 2013
Hello all,

As has been requested by many, here is the continuation of my photon series with my 3 LG beauties :wave:

Note: Some of the picture looks kinda funky, don't know if my phone was having a bad day, or if it was something else. Took multiple shots of the same thing and picked out the best(obviously :beer:).

My Setup:

I put my diffraction grating on a clothespin, on top of a book to ensure the Aquarius would reach it :crackup:, and put napkins under the Aquarius as I was trying to keep the scratches to a minimum. The other 2 pointers where just aimed toward the diffraction grating!

Lights on/Steam off

Lights off/Steam off

Lights on/Steam on

Note: If you look closely enough, the Anser's beam is barely visible :)

Lights off/Steam on

Picture of my lasers going through the diffraction grating

Hope you enjoyed this quick little thread/pictures :) If you have any idea for my next compilation thread, just post it below.