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Lego EV3 -Universal, High Performance, Autonomous Car Platform


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Apr 11, 2008
Been a long time sense I posted here, this website is almost nostalgic in a very weird way.

I have sense been working with robotics education. Lasers and flashlights where kinda like a gateway drug for technology and engineering. A drug that is rewarding and addicting, but doesnt ruin your life.

Anyway, I am a robotics instructor now, and teach STEM subjects using Lego EV3 robotics kits as a catalyst to provide incentive for learning. I currently live in England and work at a school where I produce content and curriculum for robotics class.

I have just started making videos demonstrating some of my designs. My most universally applicable robot design is the Automated Car design, that functions and behaves like a car would.

Here is a video demonstration and montage I made, first robot demo vid.


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