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Lazerer Rifle - 405nm 500mW+ Acrylic lens melting?

Feb 2, 2012

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the acrylic lens on the 500mW 405nm Devil Rifle and had noticed if there was any possibility of warping or melting of the lens. Lazerer's 445nm 1W+ Rifle Lasers now have 3 element glass lenses, but the 500mW 405nm "Devil Rifle" still has the acrylic lens.

I really would like to purchase one of these in the future, but I am concerned about any possible melting of the lens at 500mW + power. If you are a Rifle owner, do you know if there is any possibility of a 3 element or G1 glass lens fitting in the rifle host as a replacement for the acrylic lens?

Thanks for anyone with knowledge of this! I realize I could ask Max, and I will at some point but he is quite busy most of the time and I was wondering what other 405nm 500mW Rifle owners have experienced and if you have observed any warping or melting of the acrylic and felt the need to upgrade to glass and / or if this is even possible.

Thanks again!

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