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Lazeerer & Flaminpyro


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Jul 4, 2012
Just a shoutout to Lazeerer and flaminpyros excellent customer service.
Quite a while ago, I killed a SXB by using 2 li-ions instead of one (I failed to double check the driver data). I sent a PM off to flaminpyro (who I bought the driver from), and he got in contact with lazeerer and told me it could be fixed for a small charge. Flaminpyro was very quick to respond, and overall communication with him has been wonderful.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I finally get the SXB back, but theres a problem- the solder pads to bridge to get the second range are gone, they have been ripped off. So I send a PM to flaminpyro, but then I remember he said he will gone for 2 weeks. So i send a PM to lazeerer, and to my surprise (because he is usually so busy) he got back to me within a day. I was expecting a wait time and was fine with that- I understand people can be busy. Anyway, he said he isn't sure why the pads are gone, but he will send me a brand new driver free of charge! Without any proof , even (the pads really are gone, don't worry, I wasn't just fishing for free stuff).

After that I had a few more questions about some other drivers, and he was quick to respond with very helpful answers.

Now for flaminpyro- theres too much to list, really. The big thing hes done is fix a heatsink for me that he made. It was just too tight of a press fit into the host, and I had to really booger it up getting it out (when I killed the SXB as listed above). He is going to fix the scuffs and dings, and do some work n it so its a better fit into my host (when he gets back, remember he said he would be gone for 2 weeks). Oh, and hes doing that all for free- because he made it, and thought it would be easy enough to get out, but as it turns out I would have had to rip the driver out of the host (and risk shearing off the diode pins) to push the heatsink out like he intended.

If you need a driver, go to Lazeerer.
If you need a heatsink for whatever, go to Flaminpyro.

Thank you both for helping me out, and being so generous. Lazeerer could have said "Yea tough luck kid, buy another driver," and flaminpyro could have said "You dinged up the heatsink, so pay up," but they didn't.

Couldn't recommend them more! :)


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Jan 7, 2007
Good Ol' FP is here in North Iowa for the last week
for the fireworks convention. I don't know if there
is WIFI at the fairgrounds.