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Laserwave 100 mw 660nm analog blanking

May 24, 2007
LaserWave 100 mW 660nm Analog module

The Specs :

Wavelength(nm) 660nm
Output power 100mW
Transveerse Mode TE00
Operating Mode CW
Warm up time(minutes) <1
Beam divergence, full angle  (mrad) ~0.5(can adjust)
Beam diameter at the aperture (mm) ~1mm (can adjust)
Beam height from base(mm) 9mm
Polarization ratio >50:1
Point stability after warm-up (mrad) <0.05
Operating temperature 10-300 (well heatsink design)
Dimensions of Laser head (mm) Dia18*51mm
Remark : Analog Blanking

First thing .

There is something i need to state about the way this module was shipped.
Ive never seen a laser company package there lasers this good.
It arrived in a very wel packaged plastic box surrounded by bubble wrap.
with the module and antistatic bag held in plage with foam
i think this says a lot about a company.
if the already packadge there small modules this good the big ones can only be even beter.

First impressions. (Laserhead)

Its somewhat bigger then i expected it to be.
But i find this to be a good thing.
Also it has a nice heavy quality feel to it
This module has more then enouch cooling capacity to keep the diode cool and happy.
Im prety sure it would even be able to keep a open can diode cool without any problems.
Beam specs seem to be around 0.5 mrad
And the beam diameter at the apature is 2 mm
Beam quality is great no distortions or reflections.

The focus of this module can be changed.
Just by turning the lens on the front of the module

The driver is build into the module itself.
Currently its driving the diode at 190 mA
With 5 volt on the analog input.

Yea u read that correct this baby has analog blanking.

The output is rock solid.
Ive not been able to find any spikes in its output even during blanking.
No mode hopping or any other output problems where seen during testing.

Now for the output power
All power readings where done using a coherent lasercheck set to 660nm

The module is rated for 100 mw 660 nm
My first measurement just after power on peaked at 112 mw.
After 10 minutes I took a other measurement this one came in at 111 mw
After 1 hour I took a other measurement at this point the module was about 24,5 degrees.
And was stil doing  111 mw

Overall this module seems to perform very well  :cool:.
Its output is stable and free of distortions and reflections
The driver is integrated and has analog blanking.

So overall  this is a great little module.
Especialy because of the great beam specs and its analog blanking.
But this was also what im used to from Laserwave.