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Laserman 10mW 650nm Mid-open Red Laser Pointer Stars Kaleidoscopic Laser Pen


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Jan 18, 2009
This is a review of the 10mW 650nm Mid-open Red Laser Pointer Stars Kaleidoscopic Laser Pen I won from Hak's thread here:

On 05-24-12 Cherrylee contacted me by PM to inform me that I won a free laser. When I went to lasersman.com to redeem my coupon I ran into a problem with at checkout. I got an error saying "Error message: signature incorrectly." So I went back, put another one in my cart, and this time the coupon was no good.:yabbem:

I PMed Cherrylee explaining my problem and she said: "Sorry, I didn't meet this questions before, Maybo it is not our site question, maybe something with your credit card . so try agian, and if you still cannot place the order, I ll do this for you , and just send me your infomations, but I hope you can do it by yourself cuz for the safty issues."

This confused me a great deal. :thinking:

I PMed back : "I thought the coupon code was for a free laser to review. I did not enter any credit card information. "

Her response: "I found you order and it is still in the unpaied listing ! "

My response back:" If the laser is free, why do you need my credit card? If you require my credit card to ship a free laser I decline your offer.":undecided:

A short time later she wrote back saying she had solved the problem.:p

... and 14 days later and I get the package in the mail. Not a bad shipping time; very average.

When I removed the label with my address I saw DinoDirect's logo

Inside was the ubiquitous black box

Inside the box was the laser with kaleidoscope cap and batteries

The body on the laser looks exactly like every other pen host, but this one has the diffraction cap

This new laser felt considerably lighter than my other pens. Maybe because my older lasers are green, therefore having more brass for optics mounts?

The batteries also were extremely light

The dot is nice and round

It metered at a 45mW peak, 44mw steady with OEM batteries ( 1.58v & 1.59v respectively )

It metered at 47mW peak, 46mW steady with duracell batteries ( 1.56v each )

The thing that made me smile is the kaleidoscopic cap. I have never had one before and expected it to just be a fixed diffraction grating. You know... one pattern. Nope! When you rotate the cap the dots dance!

So, all in all. It is a significantly over-spec generic red pen style pointer with a really cool kaleidoscopic cap. Their price is $6.95 and I think that is about right, since they offer free shipping.