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LASERLANDS 10mw 532nm Green Module - Custom Build


New member
Jul 1, 2010
Hi, My first review here.

I had order a 50mw green torch from DX (SD301) but it got confiscated by AUS Customs). So i decided to order a green module from a DIY build. After speaking with Marry from LASERLANDS i decided i would get a 150mw module. But before ordering this, i would try my luck to make sure i could receive a 10mw module first.

My 10mw 532mn module ( 532nm 10mW Green Laser Diode Module DIY/Industrial/Lab 532nm 10mW Green Laser Diode Module DIY/Industrial/Lab [] - $15.00 : Laserlands cost only $15 and took 8 working days to deliver.

As this was my first laser i played around for a few days with just connecting the terminals to 2x AA alkaline battery's for some quick fun.

Then i had an old LED torch lying around that i was ready to sacrifice for a temporary build. It was a 9 LED that took 3xAAA 1.2v NiMH cells. (module is only 3v but i was sure 3.6v wouldn't hurt it.:)

I only have the very basic tools. I removed the LED components from the head then using a washer i had lying around drilled it out and filed until it was a tight fit. some foam around the circuit board and it was working :)

Don't have a LPM but can see that looking down the line of the beam it can just be seen inside during the day. at night inside the beam can be seen, and outside at night you can see a very long green line into the sky although its not quiet as bright as a light saber.

Overall I am very happy with it, as it was only a test module to make sure i could get it through customs. I wasn't expecting much from a 10mw module but was very surprised to see that it was much more than what I'd hope for. I have a 150mw green module on the way and will do another review when it arrives.