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Laserglow 1-day sale (up to 30% off selected lasers)


New member
Feb 16, 2007
Hey guys,

This is extremely time-sensitive so I wanted to cross-post in this section so nobody misses the boat. We're having a great sale right now, which we're calling the Laserglow 14-day 1-day sale. Basically, every day for the next 13 days (yesterday was day 1) we will put a different item on sale for 24 hours. The weekends will carry over the same item from Friday to Monday so that is the only exception. We're offering really deep discounts (up to 30% in some cases) on specific items, but I can't tell you what they are going to be so you'll just have to check our website and see for yourself! If you really want to be the first to know when a new item goes on sale, you can sign up for daily email alerts on our main page.

Today (for the next 2.5 hours at least) you can get an Aries-125 for only $349, at a savings of $90 off regular price! You'll find out the next item at noon, so check back soon and keep watching our site for the newest sale items!

(Don't ask me what's going to be on sale, I can't tell you. That would take all of the fun out of it!)