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Nov 27, 2013
Hi All,

Its been a long while since i've operated LaserComponents Australia, too much regret and loss off enjoyment so this year i'm bringing it back!
For the next few weeks i will be selling off the old stock that has laid dormant for the last year and will be soon ramping up with an expanded selection of products and within a few months bringing back our website to provide discounted prices.
Any suggestions on items to stock would be greatly appreciated, rememberin that assembled laser pointers / battery operated devices over 1mW are excluded.

Currently the store is running via eBay until our site and other resources are back up.

LCA aims to provide cost effective hobby grade laser components to local Australians with a primary focus on pre-built modules.
The store was born orginally out of the annoyance encountered constantly having to ship products from over seas and dealing with less than reliable product listings.

Currently Available:
50mW 532nm Green Dot Module 13MM
50mW 532nm Green Cross Module 13MM
100mW 532nm Green Dot Module 13MM

200mW 650nm Red Dot Module 13MM
200mW 650nm Red Cross Module 13MM

20mW Violet Laser Diode SLD3134VF TO-18

(3pcs, 10pcs, 50pcs)

Click Here to Visit Our eBay Store
Website Available Soon!
For now, Contact us via the LPF forums or message Lasercomponents-au on eBay
All products include free shipping with Registered options available.

There are few odd bits and pieces including housings(modules & pointers) and a NDB7875, contact me if interested.