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Laserbtb HL532 150mW


New member
Aug 18, 2013
Hello guys!

I am new here so thought I would ask a few questions to help expand my knowledge on lasers as I feel this is the best place to ask.

I have seen a lot of good reviews regarding laserbtb so I browsed around the website and found the HL-532 which is very common apparently on here so I was reading about the different models of it and I was thinking of the 150mW model and was wondering what your reviews are on this model?

I am also interested in what the focus adjuster is! It may be a silly question but would this be the same as the focus adjuster on LED torches these days where you can twist it so it expands in to a large circle (lest distance) and a smaller circle (further distance).

Loving the forum btw, I will definitely be making a video review if I hear good reviews from you guys about this laser and I'll post it on here with the YouTube link.

Thanks :wave: