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Laser technique combats sea parasites


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Jun 3, 2007
n a rather unusual application, Jenoptik’s Lasers & Material Processing division is supplying Norwegian company Stingray Marine Solutions with lasers to combat parasites that attack farmed salmon.

To successfully rid farmed salmon in Norwegian waters from parasites, Stingray Marine Solutions AS is using the precise Jenoptik laser JenLas D2.8, which delivers a green beam. This is installed into a barrel-like casing that is submerged directly into the netted fish pens. While the salmon swim past the device they are scanned by a complex camera systems.

Whenever the outer shape of the so-called sea lice is identified on a salmon’s skin, a short laser impulse is delivered that destroys the tissue of the parasite without damaging the fish. The reaction in real time is enabled by real time software that has been specifically adapted for this purpose. The system is controlled and monitored online which allows this technology to be used permanently. Laser technique combats sea parasites