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Mar 17, 2006
have any of you guys played laser tag?

i did a long time ago.. i did terrible.. must have been like 10 years old. i have awful aim with all sorts of things involving shooting, whether its laser tag, or first person shooter video games

i remember the laser tag being expensive and barely getting any time to play. it was for like a birth day party and while it was fun i think it only lasted like 20 minutes.

one thing i remember being quite funny.. people would need to charge there gun, and while people were charging, others would just go right up to them and shoot them. talk about cheap lol!



I remember that craze in the 80-90s (showing my age now ;D) we used to use an indoor place but it got over run with small children. So us adults turned to paintballing as we didn't want to trip over or hurt and kids.


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Oct 24, 2006
Actually in an odd series of events a few days ago, I ended up at a place called laserquest. For those who havent been to one, its basically a maze-style arena with lots of mirrors and fog, and you have laser gun that you try to shoot others with. Its just a weak red though so the beams looked relatively faint to me, but for someone without a greenie it must seen pretty nice. My >150mW 532nm though... nope, I couldn't resist using it a few times :D. It looked pretty awesome in the dark fogged up place (no, I didn't shine it at anyone or in anyones eyes, or engange in any activity which would cause any possible hazard, etc).