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Jun 5, 2014
I was browsing Survival Laser and I found a laser that seems pretty nice.

This is the laser: Survival Laser I 445nm Parts Bundle - Laser Components Only

I have a few beginner questions about this laser and Survival Laser in general.

1) So it says it's a parts bundle. I assume I would have to assemble it myself?

2) To assemble it do I need experience? Or do I just need to screw parts together?

3) If I break the laser trying to assemble it would they send me another one for free?

4) Are the parts legal to ship through customs? Is their a chance of the parts getting confiscated considering the power of the laser after being built is above 5mw?

5) For the head sink, is copper a better material than Anodized Aluminum? Also which host is the best out of the 3 options?

6) What does the Extended Length Focusing Ring do? Also is copper a better material to go with for the Diode Module?

7) Is Survival Laser a reliable company? Can I trust that they will send me a high quality laser? If you have ever purchased from them before what was your experience?

Sorry for all the questions:whistle: It's just that I want to have a better understanding. Thank you:yh:


New member
May 8, 2014
1) yes you assemble it

2)not really it's already soldered, with the c6 hosts just make sure the heatsink doesn't spin while screwing on the bezel end or it will rip the driver wires out as they twist.

3) unlikely, but it's easy to assemble.

4) yes it's not assembled.

5) debatable, for 2w or less probably not much difference.

6)makes it easier to adjust focus without burning yourself, copper module would pull heat from diode faster.

7)totally reliable, I own there 660nm kit and have placed two orders since for various components and had zero issues.