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Laser machine question .. yellow laser.


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Aug 21, 2010
Hey everyone,

I have a Shinp CL-16RGY ... and its ment to be a Red, Green and Yellow laser ... but when it cycles through its colors its only green and red ... and sometimes a very small glimpse of yellow ...

Here is a video of the laser of how its ment to look, and as you can see it is very easy to see the yellow laser

CL-16RGY - YouTube

... my yellow laser is almost the same color as the green ... I will try and get a video of mine but I was just looking for ideas as to why my yellow laser ... well isnt yellow lol

Is this something I may be able to fix myself? Or not even worry about it? Id like to have the yellow working if I could ...

Look forward to your replys.


*EDIT* Here is a video of mine ... check out around the 40 second mark you will see it cycle through the colors ... this is where it looks like its green green red ... you will see one of the greens is slightly different in color ... but no where near yellow like the youtube video.

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