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Laser Glove / LG-MKII


Oct 3, 2012
I just checked, there are a few guys on youtube who have recently done this, but a lot of them are on the fingers, or hot glued POS. Lasergadgets has a cool one, but it's still an object you pick up and use.
Personally, I haven't seen one that can keep up as an item you can function normally with.

A true extension to the users body.
Fitted so most people can't use it if they put it on, and only in an unnatural yet comfortable fist to prevent misfire in every day use.
(you would be surprised at how many people cant figure out where the switch is :crackup:)




August 2013
MkI was built spur of the moment, overnight, fueled by adrenaline alone.
After a week long trip to the Nevada desert it was completely playafied, and then it fell into a cooler for I don't know how many hours.
It was based on a pleather glove with floss stitching and superglue. The battery holder was a modified AAA to fit a CR123a battery I had on hand. not my greatest work, but it was a start.

2014/15 - I started work again. I salvaged the 532nm, 55mw laser (tested - jayrob :thanks:) from the previous mishap as the driver was sealed well. The optics are a little dirty inside, but oh well it still throws a decent beam with a bit of extra scatter.

I found a nice pair of deerskin gloves at OSH hardware in Berkeley, tried them all until two fit perfect.
They were god awful yellow. So I bought some leather dye and gave it a good brown. The stitching being poly, wouldn't dye, but it looked good with a little contrast.

Used an awl to stitch it up

Note: there is minimal soldering. I learned in MKI that solder joints break under this kind of stress. Most terminals are crimped, stitched, or braided/twisted

Windings at knuckles for added flexibility, sometimes need to be rewound.

Braided metal contacts stitched into specific spots on hand that would normally not touch.

There are plans for a MKIII in the works, Machined aluminum housing, riveted contacts, flat pack li-ion battery, micro USB charger, possibly dual color, proper soft body electronic wiring.

But before I get around to that I need to finish the trigger system for the ARO-MKI. Seen Here
...and when I say seen here, I mean facebook as its a huge album and I'm yet to update the thread. I'll get to it, but not today as its 1AM

Thanks everyone, enjoy
If i forgot anything let me know


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