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Laser Genetics ND3 Flashlight 532nm green to 638nm red

Nov 25, 2014
I disassembled a Laser Genetics ND3 laser flashlight with a 18mw 532nm green laser, and swapped it out to more 'pleasing for the wildlife' 170mw 638nm red laser. After which there seemed to be no perceived increase in illumination even @ 10X the power(visually it was less illumination & useless).

Here is the dis-assembly and internal components thread.

I needed to get the same or increased illumination level based on human vision. Relative to the OEM green laser.
A 532nm green laser 'flashlight' gives a lot more useful illumination because humans are more sensitive to it, that's why Laser Genetics uses it.

Much thanks to RHD and his online laser relative brightness tools to get me in the ballpark.
Wavelength to RGB / HEX Calculator

Here is a dual Laser Genetics 'Laser Flashlight' beamshot of 40mw 532nm green and 900mw 638nm red, what I finally needed to match the green in illumination. Note that the green has a 50mm objective and the red has a 25mm objective. The camera still favors the green, although I see the red as being brighter.
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