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Laser for marking spots in a room


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Mar 17, 2013

IA newbie here. Know not much about lasers. I need to build a laser pointing system. The idea is to use lasers rather than marks to position apparatus in a room. Rather than having to measure all the time, I think it more elegant to just use laser to literally mark the spots.
Room has decent light control. Office Environment with a large window though. Window can be shaded. Lasers path will be about 12~15 from target. I wanted to use green or Red lasers to mark the spot. My questions:

Would 5 mw be enough for the purpose.
Do I need a driver? I was expecting to just use a Power Supply and a timer-switch.
I see 650 nm lasers for about $1 orles each on eBay. At the same time i see 650 nm lasers for $5 each. What's the difference? Would the cheap laser work in this application. I can buy 50 lasers for $5, a large difference IMO.

The lasers will be lit up at most at most, 5 mins a day. Time to shine them, position the people and.or microphones and be done. Positioning is determined in advance
I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on the project thus my looking for the least expensive lasers to do the job. I have reasonably good electronics skills and can wield a mean soldering iron :)
I thank you for your suport and apologize if my questions are
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