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Laser Flashlight?


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Nov 7, 2016
Hello fellow addicts, I was reading an article earlier about car headlights mainly to laugh at the author trying to instill his opinion, but then I read what he wrote about BMW and Audi new type of laser headlight system.

I know it must have been discussed here before many times, and I would like to be pointed where this was dissected completely, and if it wasn't I would be willing to build and experiment.

What Caught my attention was - the author said that the outcome of such "phosphorus" laser setup, is that it is thousands (or hundreds) of times brighter than any LED light, naturally I would like to know where this would stand against monsters like Maxabeam.

I recall that Wickedlasers had an adapter for their blue laser called phosforce - and it was okay, but not even close to 100x, and thus not sure about the efficiency.

At any rate, has anyone looked at Audi/BMW patents yet to see the exact inner-workings of those beasts? Because it could be a serious game changer in terms of flashlights

PATENT US20150252974A1 - by Darwin Hu
Techniques related to generating daylight-like light from green laser and magenta phosphor are disclosed. Such light may be used in headlights of vehicles. The daylight-like light generated from green laser and filtered through magenta phosphor is almost white or substantially white. The white laser is generated from green laser that is filtered through magenta phosphor. The green laser is well known for producing the highest perceived intensity among all colored lasers with equal or similarly provided energy and is low to obtain in cost.
To add, one thing that makes me skeptical about BMW or Audi setup, is the fact that they are using multiple lasers per headlight, cant remember how much each exactly but its from 4-6 lasers per headlight, obviously combining multiple beams into 1 will be bright, but what about as far as 1 powerful emitter, optics, and phosphorus?
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