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Laser cutting service!


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May 1, 2007
So I've had my laser cutter for a while, but haven't really done much with it. I've had a few people ask me if I can do a few jobs for them previously, and being a broke uni student with nothing else to do (or source of income), I thought I'd just put this out there :)

I can accept a variety of formats, though the quickest and easiest is DXF for the vectors. Engraving can be done with either image files or vectors (vector text tends to look a bit nicer, and you can place it on the parts before sending it). Images can't be sent in the DXF file, so just leave a placemark on the vector parts where they should go.

Materials I can cut/engrave(not a complete list, just the ones I've tried myself):

Most woods
ABS (tends to melt a little so the edge finish might not be ideal)
Most fabrics
Most types of foam
Glass (engraving only)

I can also engrave painted/coated/anodized metal.

For solid materials (ie wood and plastic), max thickness I can do reliably is about 6-8mm. Foam can be a bit thicker but the edge might not be perfectly straight due to the lens focal length.

Materials I can't cut:

PVC (or any PVC based products like vinyl)
Polycarbonate (will cut, but edges are generally very charred)
Fiberglass/PCB (same as above)
Human flesh (smells too bad).

The cutter bed can work with a sheet a little over A3 paper size.
I do have a few materials on hand already, such as acrylic (limited colours/thicknesses) and some MDF, though I can source materials if needed. Alternatively you can send me the required materials if they're a bit more obscure or you have it on hand already. I can engrave/cut non flat surfaces too, such as boxes up to about 20cm in height, though unless it's a common box you'd probably have to send them to me (for Australians, things like the Jaycar jiffy boxes I can source) :)

I can also do the design work if you don't know where to start, using Solidworks.

I'm happy to ship overseas, though shipping could end up costly for larger/heavier parts.

And just a few things I've made :)

Acrylic is my favourite material, if it wasn't obvious :D

Shoot me a PM if you want any more info :)

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