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Laser 303 battery question


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Mar 11, 2021
I recently bought my red laser 303 on eBay and it uses 16850 batteries.
Works almost perfectly fine but the battery slides around and if I point the laser downwards the laser pointer doesn't work and the battery disconnects. Does anyone know what I should do? Return it and get a new one? Put a little piece of metal inside (I'm not sure if that's dumb though because I'm not very educated on batteries and electricity as I am 14).


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May 14, 2011
Do not post multiples/duplicates of same thread--is an LPF annoying no no and waste of bandwidth-ask a Mod to delete one of them.

You are in violation of Terms of Service at 14 yrs old.
You agreed to the Terms of Service when registering to be a member and #3 of the TOS says you represent you are 18 or older.
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LPF is not a babysitting service for children/minors nor a social media meaningless chit chat and fake friends Facebook type forum either
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