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Lanling Green Labby


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Feb 1, 2007
Well I got my first Green "labby" style laser from Lanling, and I am happy to say, it exceeds all my expectations.

It is AC powered and comes with its own driver board that senses 90-240V AC
The spec is:

CW 50mw*
TEM 00
Divergence 0.8mrad
Beam Diameter 1.5mm (at exit)
Focusable glass optics ( set with epoxy, but easily accessable)
IR Filter: (Unknown, at this time)
Duty Cycle: 100% (constant on).

Power up: The driver board once plugged in and switched on , has a slow 2 second powerup routine to the diode. Lasing is not instant and seems to power up, increasing the brightness in steps, until it achieves full brightness. I guess this will help the Pump diode from Initial Voltage spikes.

The Beam: The first impression is "wow" what a defined and focused beam. The divergence is unlike any other pen laser I have seen (0.8 mrad using Pseudos Calculator, but only measured at 7metres, so some room for error)

The longest I have run it so far is about an hour. It stays in TEM00 and the dot is very tight and shows no sign of any flicker or variation.
There is a great big blue pot on the driver board that says Adjust. So far I have managed to stay away from that ;)

Construction: the diode head is mounted in a hefty lump of square Aluminium heatsink, with an array of small M4 tapped holes in the base for bolting down, however the supply and the driver board are bare and very fragile (they really need to be mounted) and away from a conductive surface as all the solder joints are exposed. The driver board also gets a bit warm, and should be in an airstream. It has a big heatsinked transistor on the board, and it gets a bit warm.

Burning: This is NOT a burner. It will pop a balloon at a few feet and melt tape, but it struggles unaided, but the beam quality more than makes up for it.

I have 2 "labbys" now red 100 and green 50, they are so much fun , if you want to mess with scanners and smoke machines

Price: with LPF discount $110 shipped to the uk

Photo of red and green.





That's awesome, Jase ! Because the module is so reflective, it looks like the beam is coming out of the corner of the lasers' head instead of the center :p AWESOME price, too ! I love it ! :cool: I will be getting one soon, I think.....