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Jayrob's Older MDXL #4171 "FlightLevel350" Build


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Dec 12, 2010
This is Jayrob's Older MDXL # 4171 Host But a "FlightLevel350" Build.

FlightLevel350 Sold me a 650 nm Laser that he put together in Jayrob's Older MDXL. FlightLevel1350 Was very pleasant and easy to deal with. He was a Very nice person. I was short on cash and did some haggling with him and had a lot of questions. He didn't mind the haggling and answered all my questions with in that same day. He Didn't mind going back and forth with me over every detail. It's nice to have people who want to answer your questions. So far I have had the same experience with everyone I have bought from LPF, A lot of very nice members that are trying to share what they know about lasers and help out in any way they can. Was a easy transaction and went very well!!! I'm 100% happy. FlightLevel350 built this laser about 1.7 years ago he said. But he did say it only has about 15-20 hours run time on it. :beer: "I believe that a 100%, Because with the Limited battery run times it gives you, theres No way you could do much more than that in 1.7 years" :na: HaHa ......It's in a Jayrob MDXL host. :beer: The host is the older version # 4171. I like the host a lot. He gave me a very good deal on this Laser, Thanks Bud!!! I'm liking the laser a lot the host is nice and it looks like there might be only a limited # of them out there. "I could be Wrong Tho" Good 1st 650 nm for me. :beer: If you are thinking of buying something from FlightLevel350, You shouldn't be let down and will know exactly what your getting from him, Before you buy it.:beer:

Jayrob sells the Host here at the link Below.... Mine is the older "Cooler Looking IMO"model... It does seems this is a "limited Stocked Item" So thats cool that not to many people have this older host design. And it does have "Supen Bnigkt" On It....Just Like the newer Model...ROFL!!! A++ for the Chinese :D


As always Jayrob is very easy to buy from and offers so much stuff That really it makes the LPF World go Round. You don't get good fast and nice service like this to many places. Thanks Again Jayrob!! :beer: You really can't go Wrong buying Anything From Jayrob.... It is amazing how much of a diversity of Host he has gotten ready for us and made heat-sinks for.. It's really nice to have that many different options for us to pick from not to mention they are all set up as easy DIY Projects :beer: Very Cool. He really has made it a nice set up, trying to save us $$ and thats really nice and cool of him as well. If your thinking of getting Something or Anything from Jayrob go for it, You wont regret the purchase. Very Nice and honest seller himself. I think Jayrob and daguin Are the ones who have set the standard for the Excellent Customer Service on LPF. Thanks is due.

Had to show the heat Sink :beer: I love these fatter heat sinks. I'm not a big fan of the tiny pocket pointers and like these bigger (medium size really) hosts with there more weight and solid feel. I like the longer run times and better heat sinking that they can generally have. And I can't wait i'm getting in on that Arctic Feeler Host which really looks like it is going to prove to be a Killer Host!!! Keep up the Nice work Pontiacg5.... That Group Buy is HERE http://laserpointerforums.com/f55/arctic-host-feeler-interested-read-59873.html................Oh yeah sorry back to this one....

I'm liking this host Look, It's better looking than the Newer one thats out now IMO anyways. I can't believe they have such bad spelling. Honestly I'm the Worst speller in the world But I loaded a Internet browser (Opera) that has spell Check >.< Awesome!!! I use it all the time it's very handy. Are we not told All the Time tho how they (The Chinese) are all suppose to be well educated with multiple Languages tought to all of them from there schools? Isn't there at least a few who hold up to those specs Around that know English? And they could at least do a spell check if they don't have anyone around who could help, Like I do hehe..... Oh Well. Here is FlightLevel350 picture of the unit after he built it... Before I got it.

Here is the LPM photo he gave us of it...

^^This picture :eek: scared :eek:me some...... but he says the batteries were dieing..... and he has done a few more LPM runs confirming it's output. :beer:^^

I'm going to have to get a 650 nm G - 1 for it Soon. ASAP really... of course From Jayrob....And I need to find some more Batteries... it eats them up fast... :cryyy: This laser has the worst battery run on any Lasers I own.... Good thing I got myself a PILA Charger to take care of them batteries because it looks like there going get married and be sleeping together a lot...

FlightLevel350 Was very fast at shipping this laser out to me. I ordered it on 2/08/11 at 11:30 at night :paypal: and he had it shipped the next day 2/09/11 :beer: It came on 2/11/11!!! Very fast Shipping... Hes is kinda close tho so he cheated. Well when it came to my door it was packaged very well. I do not think it could of gotten any damage from shipping the way it was packed. Everything came as described. I'm really enjoying this 650 nm laser. It's in a good condition "host wise" not beat up at all. So it looks like he takes care of his lasers nicely. It's my 1st 650 nm laser, I do have other nm's but this is the 1st 650nm. It has a good beam on it, at least I think it does IMO. (With Nothing Else to compare it to in the 650 nm range so thats not a accurate assessment for it on my part) But I like it. :D I know it's on the other end of the light spectrum from 405 nm and they are close to the same as in how well our eyes can see them... I think...I'm new still I could be wrong...This is a Good Laser and I'm glad I was able to get it. It will be my Low mW red in the end :beer: Not to bad for my lowest mW red.

So when he built this he used this Parts List:

-LOC diode:drool:
-Rckstr driver running at 412ma :beer:
-Jayrob's Older MDXL "4171" host
-" ........................................................". :cryyy:
-Al heatsink :beer:
-2 RCR123 batteries :thinking: I need better ones....

:cryyy:"Notice the missing Space? Why didn't it have a G-1? I do not know but it's sad. ":cryyy: Now I got another thing to buy...

So here is "My" New "used" Laser. I'm liking it a lot.

The Tailcap Has 2 o rings above the threads for a nice snug fit

I need new batteries

For a Size Compair

It Even Burns Some!!

EDIT: Some Beam Shots

And Now for the LPM Test Off My Radiant Alpha LPM >>>From HereRadiant Alpha<<< Thanks MM, This is a good LPM and I recommend it if you see it in Stock!! When I get my 650nm G-1, I'll post a pic so you can see the difference...

Ok Time for The
Test Videos!!

LPM Conclusion Stats:

Test 1

Time Tested:80 Seconds

Averaged mW: 210 mW

Peak mW: 212 mW

Settled at Or Still Climbing: Once the Diode Started to heat up It dropped in Power, As to Be expected with this Type of Diode.

Test 2

Time Tested: 80 Seconds

Averaged mW: 214 mW

Peak mW: 215 mW

Settled at Or Still Climbing: Once the Diode Started to heat up It dropped in Power, As to Be expected with this Type of Diode.

It Peaks out at 216mW (On a older test)and Then hovers at 214mW :beer: With the Aixiz acrylic lens! That should change soon....


-Nice Feeling Host
-Nice Fat Heat-sink
-Good Weight to the unit
-Nice Size
-Low enough mA For Long diode Life
-Batteries Fit Snug No Wobbling around inside
-Clicky on/off Button has a nice solid feel to it. But wont get clicked by accident.
-On the Duty Cycle I'm Conservatively running it at 60 seconds on 60 seconds off, It's not going to get warm at all with this.
-This laser should last me some time.
-Semi anti Rolling, so it shouldn't fall off a table to easily. But it can.


-After about 10 Min the batteries are needing to be recharged, And I only was given 1 set :cryyy: "He told me about this before I bought it" I need to buy some better ones...
-It didn't come with a 650 nm G-1


FlightLevel350 is a very nice person and is a good builder as well. If your thinking of buying something from him that he did or didn't make go ahead It's a good deal. The Laser he sold me works as described and in very good condition. He will tell you everything about what your buying not hiding any flaws. I would buy from him again for sure. He takes care of his Lasers and so you should have a very "new unit" Unless stated otherwise. And I can't leave out Jayrob's work with getting us this host and making the heat sinks for us and the customer service and help he offers !!! :beer: This is a really nice host "all tho i like my Gun metal SolarForce from Jayrob that Glutton built me a lot better".But it's not even fair to compare them.... :D But this host is nice. It has a nice heat sink and should be a good host for a lot of your builds. Everything from the LPF trusted member community I have gotten is Awesome. Except 1 Deal I have done that was not good. (That was from a member that Is NOT mentioned in this post) Where I got a Very Bad Deal and it was non workable. But I should of known better. Don't buy from someone who is relatively new or at least be very Very cautious. Ask a lot questions and get pictures with prof and you will avoid this. But Everyone else that i have bought from or dealt with have been Very honest and helpful. I have gotten outstanding deals and very good quality products that are near if not factory Quality. And not Chinese factory Quality but Professional Quality. (There are Professional Chinese Companies with professional products but you know what i meant) :D Thank You Again FlightLevel350 for this Awesome build and Good Deal! I would buy from you again for Sure! And Jayrob Thank you for your Time and hard work making all the bits and pieces and heat-sinks and Kits.
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Sep 21, 2007
Nice review of an older build...

Something is wrong if your only getting 10 minutes of run time though. Probably one of the batteries is faulty.

You should get nearly 2 hours with that driver/current.

These are some great batteries to get:
AW RCR123a Protected 750 mAh Battery

P.S. When you go to a 650-G-1, you will have around 20 to 25% increase in power depending on whether or not your acrylic lens has the back opened or not. (all the newer AixiZ acrylic have the back opened, but the older ones did not, unless you cut it open)


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Apr 2, 2009
Yeah the batteries are not that great. I never got around to getting the nicer cells, but as jayrob said, your runtime should go up dramatically with the batteries he linked


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Dec 12, 2010
Thanks. I added some beam shots like I said I would


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Nov 2, 2009
Wow! I like it how you stationed the stones into your pictures.

I´m looking forward to see a 405nm next to a Ametist.