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Jayrob Maglite XM-L Review


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Oct 21, 2010
I recently purchased one of Jayrob's modded Maglite builds from this link:http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/f...ltage-monitor-parts-complete-light-59581.html
It was his Maglite XM-L mod and i must say I was impressed.

The exact set up I got was a 3D Maglite with the XM-L built in and spectrum battery monitor. The heat dissipation is very good. The only way i could get it to heat up was to leave it on high for about fifteen minutes. The throw on the Maglite is awesome i could light up a target from around 300 feet away.

Old LED vs. New LED

For the battery I used a Mag Charger battery pack (supplied by Jayrob). the battery pack is nice because it doesn't have that battery memory thing like others. Jayrob is very nice and easy to work with, I wish some companies would do business as he does. The easiest way I can show the efficiency of the build is with pictures.

This picture is the door to my room with no light.

This is with original Maglite LED

The next three are the XM-L on low, med, and high respectively.

I work as a night guard and am always in parking lots. the next two pic are a row of 100+ cars with and without the XM-L.

Overall i must say the light is great especially with rechargeable batteries.
Thanks again Jayrob another satisfies customer.
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Sep 21, 2007
Really glad you like the build!

Spectrum makes a voltage monitor specifically for NiMH's, and it is configurable for either 4 cell, or 5 cell packs. So that is why the Mag Charger/Streamlight battery pack works for your set up with that specific voltage monitor.

The normal 2 cell Li-Ion build that I show in the thread, uses a Spectrum voltage monitor specifically for Li-Po/Li-Ion... (2 to 7 cells configurable)

Just thought I would chime in with that information for questioning minds.

Thanks for the reveiw! :thanks: +rep