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It's been almost a year time for my DL 589 spartan review


Jul 23, 2008
Current: 1.89 amps
lpm reading at room temp cold start 60mw on a laserbee
divergance: no direct measurement but i shined it 300 feet up my yard and looked through binoculars and there was no noticeable spread. I tried it out tonight and I could see it making a dot on the clouds. no other laser ever did that without using binoculars to expand it.
I used this laser extensively during my astrolab as my professor's green wouldn't cut through the light pollution since the MH stadium lights were on at night.
I used it in the cold and the power didn't drop that much visibly even when it as like 40 f and started from cold.

I have the blue t-rex googles and it makes it hardly visible in a lit room when i shine through them.

when you put them on and shine at wood you see a bright red spot from IR flurscensce kinda neat.

Shipping 9/10 it cleared customs fast and got to me a few days before my 21st birthday.
Build and efficiency 10/10 Dosen't even use 2 amps and it's overspec so it seems to be more than 3% efficent maybe 4 or 5. I need to do a long lpm test to see how it goes when i have time

communication 8/10 They didn't respond right away to emails nor get the tracking out right away.

overall: 9.5/10

I got a soild unit and it over preforms even at 3.65v when the batts dying it's still bright.

my PL-E Pro DPSS 473nm 50mw from a forum memberand it uses 2.06 amps. funnthing is my wall is light blue and i shined both lasers at it and it made white light. didnt think 2 WL could do it I really regret not getting a beam expander.