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Introductions are called for


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Apr 23, 2016
Quick introduction post.

I joined the forum over the weekend and followed the majority of the stickies that I read (ie: use the search button!) before posting, but I did manage to not see the one about introducing one's self to the forum. Thanks to those who directed me to make a quick post and put a little more information in my profile.

My first post was a question regarding a handheld pointer for use around construction sites. I've included the link below and a couple quotes from the post.


I've owned lower power lasers (pointers, handhelds, gun mounted, etc...) in multiple colors and used handhelds into the 200-250mw range. I'm familiar with proper safety procedures, and aware of the risks/dangers associated with higher power lasers. I consider myself fairly capable with a basic DIY projects, soldering, etc... But, I'm out of the loop with what's currently available and slightly overwhelmed with the availability/variety in what's available on the forum.

I work in construction and I'm looking for a handheld that will primarily be used inside large indoor structures in a daylight environment, but is also capable of providing a visible dot in sunlight. I'm looking for suggestions as to something that can be purchased complete or as a simple build kit (basic assembly without fabrication) and for wavelength/color and power. I'm also looking for a relatively compact platform that you can put in your pocket (not a d-cell maglight build).

I've looked at the pointers like the sanwu pocket and guardian, jayrob's stainless steel green kit (with o-like module), and a few others. But from some of the dates on the forum posts...I don't know what still may or may not be available. I'd like it to be bright enough to have a visible beam at night to have some fun with my nephews, but i'm not necessarily looking for a burner to light matches and pop balloons from across the room. I'd love to hear member's thoughts/comments, and whether I'd be best off with a green, red, or even blue pointer.

Thanks in advance!
I think 90% of the time a 50' range would be sufficient. I know PLS type lasers (for determining plumb and level) with green are much more visible in our environment, but not as common on the job because they are $$$ compared to their red counterparts. So, green is probably is my best choice...better visibility at a lower power = safer to use. Durability is also a good, considering it will probably become part of my every day carry in the same pocket as my streamlight and fisher space pen.

Knowing that in most hobbies, if a little is good, then more is better...I think my biggest concern was whether I'd be satisfied with something in the 50-100mw range or need to find something in the 150-200mw range. And, considering that this is a bit of an impulse buy that could turn into a daily used tool if it works well, I don't mind spending some money on it. But, why spend $200 if you don't need to. I just don't want to be thinking I should have bought the next "power level" up after carrying it around for a week.

I also like the multi-mode driver for adjustable power levels. That's a good idea for transitioning from indoors (where I may not need as much power) to outdoors.
Ok, so maybe it wasn't a quick introduction. But, I do appreciate the replies and advice I've gotten so far. :D


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Nov 1, 2014
Welcome to lpf. Perhaps include more about yourself like which country you are from


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Sep 5, 2013
Welcome to the forums! :)