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Images of my DIY lasers


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Jul 8, 2007
Images of my DIY lasers. Two violet lasers (405nm) and two red lasers (635nm & 655nm). Plus a hacked keychain pointer with a ~15mW 635nm diode

Below, image of my 4 DIY lasers. Far left is a 15mW 635nm (red) laser, in the flashlight body. Next, an 80-90mW red laser, first brick laser from left. This is using an old Senkat '5HJL' DVD diode being driven at 130mA (the rated max power in the spec sheet) which likely puts its output at >80mW (I don't have a LPM). The next brick is a violet laser (405 nm) using a PHR-803t diode that I've dialed in to use 100mA of current - output is likely 70-90mW. Finally, far right, is another violet laser, using a 405nm diode from the 811 sled. This one is I'm driving at 45mA, so it's likely a good 20+ mW.

All four lasers use Meredith housings and optics (focusable), and can be left on indefinitely (no duty cycle). One advantage of not overdriving the diode and using an adequate heatsink. Pointers all get over 10 hours of use before they need a battery change, so I just use regular alkaline batteries.

The 80-100mW red and violet pointers both will burn. Some videos:

Below is a picture of the innards of the brick pointers. In all the brick pointers I'm using the 'DDL circuit. The red flashlight pointer using an ns102 apc supply. Also shown is the modified keychain pointer. They may look a tad flimsy, but I'm using solid core copper wire, so nothing bounces around while in use.


All my laz0rs are holding up well. The 803t brick pointer has over 50 hours use on it. The 635nm diode (flashlight pointer) has 100's of hours - I've had the diode for years. The flashlight body is its 3rd transplant.

Probably my favorite lasers are the reds. the 405nm lasers are quite a novelty, but it's a rather eye raping color. I really like the red brick pointer, using the Senkat diode. I'm actually driving this one at spec - 130mA. With the meredith acrylic lens I get a very tight clean spot. Beautiful speckle-o-saurus diode, brilliant cherry red color. my favorite. Unfortunately my camera renders the color rather too orange, nor is my camera able to distinguish the subtle color difference between the 635nm and 655nm diodes.

Perfect night light when taking a leak:

{edit} Of the two violet pointers, I actually prefer the lower power (20-25mW) lil brick pointer. During the day the spot is just bright enough to have a bit of dazzle and make an excellent pointer without being annoying. At night it comes in to its own, with a faint ghostly purple beam, and a surprising ability to light up a dark room. The beam on the 20mW violet looks brighter than the beam of my 80mW red at night, especially from the side. The 803t brick (80-100mW) is very bright at night, but I find it annoys my eyes if I use it for long.