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IF you do or plan to-- buy or sell ANYTHING here....


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Apr 2, 2009
here is a suggestion that may help everybody

Okay- As I get older- confusion becomes more common.

And mistakes happen to everybody regardless of age.

However I see us setting ourselves up for problems with this:
We all have our 'real ' names-- and some a shorter version of our first.
Like Charles 'Chuck' Smith aka 'Smitty'
and our forum name-- Lasersmith
and our email address- Mastermechanic @ hot mail
and our paypal name payupnowbro@ yahoo.com
and our Faceook handle
and our skype adddress

and so if we are buying or selling something we have the 'order' say '6 pcs red widgets.'

SO-- just how can we expect all this to be easy for another person to keep track of??

and if payment is made as a gift at PP.. PP does not send the mailing address
and if its a laser (hopefully) we all know its a BAD idea to add '1W 445 laser' in the notes- PP does not like to be involved with lasers and adding that to the 'notes' gives away that this payment is CLEARLY NOT a gift.

So I ask( or try to) all my people to send thier mailing address with 'ADDRESS for Lasersmith' in the TITLE--to my email addres AND as a PM at the forum.. Its best to do this every time..and in the text include EVERYTHING- some get dozens of emails and PMs daily about stuff and we all need to help each other keep all this straight--

I got a USPS Money order in the mail last week & thankfully- i gave the correct address and the sender copied it right- as there was NO return adress on the plain white one stamp only envelope and anyone could just hold it to the light to see what was inside-- no note- or anything else. Did a 200$ MO not deserve a better way to be safely sent?

AND I gave my address out incorrectly to another member and it went back to him(WHEW!)

MY point?
never assume that TMI is a problem- its not.
Too Little Info can be a BIG problem--

rant over

hak(aka Len, Leonard, hakzaw1,snapplz, crazy4lasers,Le Hakzaw. Le.Henz et al-etc. etc etc)

AND just
where do IA letters go when there is NO return address??
cant go back
Incorrect Address
no crystal balls these days