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iDryfire from iMarksman


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Jun 6, 2013
A few weeks ago I came across iMarksman on Facebook. I noticed a post asking for people to test a new item for him. So I replied and was sent the iDryfire app to test.

This app that is now available in the apple store for $12.99 works with any laser cartridge, SIRT Pistol, beam hit or other laser type device that fits in your barrel for training. Currently I am using the Beam Hit system until I get a laser cartridge for my Shadow.

Like a lot of people I get side tracked sometime when I dry fire, get a little sloppy or I may loose focus. As we know when we dry fire we get what we put into it. When you get sloppy or rush the draw or shot. We say things like, ya that was a 5 or perfect head shot. With this app you get to see where your shot hit and brings your focus back in.

To set it up, set a target up, open the app and push the Start Button, find something to set your iphone or ipad on that will let the camera face the target and adjust the camera closer or farther to fill the screen up with the target. Once you are ready, press the start button on the top right and it will give you a count down. The buzzer will sound and the timer will begin. At this time it will only register the first hit and stop, the you can look at the screen and see where you hit the target and the time.

The current version is great for working on that first shot, or starting at full presentation. When starting at full presentation, hit the start button and once the buzzer goes off, conduct a reload and fire.

If you would like more information on this check out the web site, iDryfire laser target system is brought to you by iSniper, Inc
It has a video demonstration and more information to look at. I have also talked with Andrey Safanyuk of iMarksman and providing my feedback on the app. The app will continue to be updated with new features such as allowing to record multiple shots and save the times and screen shot.

I will try to post some videos of the app and my experience with it tomorrow night. Has anyone else had a chance to use it?