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I cannot decide what laser to buy, what are my options around my price range?


New member
Aug 21, 2022
Hello, I was going to buy a 1.6W Thor M2 laser, but after reading in another thread here that it's common to get loose for the piece you rotate to Focus the ray, I felt insecure about it.

My idea was to spend 50€, but due to what I've seen, I've decided to rise the budget, I'd spend a Max ammount of 150€ buy now I dont know what to buy.

I just want a laser propoerly built, my first thought was the Thor H 2, also the Thor Ultra, but I dont know if their quality is good, and neither do I know about the M2.

I know people here suggest Sanwu and Jetlasers, but I cant find anything that is less that 150€ and more than 1W, could anyone help me with that?