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Howdy from Alberta Canada


New member
Aug 13, 2010
Hey all, relatively new to the forum and just starting to learn about lasers.
Drivers, hosts, modules, diodes, and optics....You guys have all of the good info ;)
Sad to say kipkay might have had some influence on my finding this forum, I didn't follow the logic of using straight wires from a battery to a diode though.... :crackup:
Already have 2 lasers @ 200mW (reds from deal extreme I think)
one blue/violet coming in from ebay
5 808nm's coming in from ebay
A 1W 445 + module coming in from high tech deals
and trying to get in touch with dr lava to get either 2 flexdrive v5s or 2 microboosts but I guess he is pretty busy.
Need to buy an industrial lathe anyway so I'll be able to make some pretty incredible custom hosts :na:
I don't know if I need goggles for the 808's as they are only going to be used to light campfires out in the bush (as close as possible to the tinder)
One of my friends has goggles of all shades and sizes so I can learn about them/buy from him ^_^
Hope to learn a lot from you guys! :bowdown: