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How to post pictures in this forum (lotsa pics)


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May 27, 2013
I did a quick search and didn't find a tutorial on how to post pics so I decided to make one. Also, there are places (like my work) that some hosting sites are blocked so I can't see the pics posted by other users.

Our forum Laserpointerforums has its own image hosting space per post (but only limited to 8 pics per post which isn't a problem - just add the additional pics on the next post) and why not use it instead? I do since it is convenient. (This tutorial will be about Windoze PC running Win7 OS as that is what I have. Other computers shouldn't be much different.)

Here's how I do it.

If your pic is too large, don't upload it and annoy everyone else. I've seen a thread (in another forum) where the pics are over 3000 pixels wide and there are tons of them and nobody bothered to reply as it takes years for the pics to load up.

I just use a basic office program to crop/resize pics and save it. Find your file and right click on it.

You can use the crop function to trim your image of unwanted pixels to make it smaller and use the handles (green circles) to select how much to trim.

You then get this.

Click "OK" and there you go.

You can also resize so the pic ends up uniform in size if you edit several.

I use the predefined sizes for uniformity. 640x480 works ok, 800x600 for more detailed pics without having to scroll.

You can also resize by batch by using a different view and selecting them all.

And don't forget to save. Save All if you edit by batch.

Now that the pics are edited, time to upload them to the forum.

When you reply, click the "Go Advanced" button instead of the quick reply. You'll go to a new page with more buttons and features.

At the bottom of the reply field, you'll see a Manage Attachment button. Click it for a new window will pop up.

Use it to find your files by clicking the Browse button and open your files up to eight max per post.

Once all your files are opened, click upload to put it into the LPF host.

Once you have all your files uploaded, you can close the pop up window.

Then the bottom of the reply page will look like this.

You can hit the submit button and your post will have thumbnails on the bottom where others can view your attached pics. But we won't stop there. We want the pics to come out in the middle of the post.

Right click on the links and copy the link location.

Then in the reply box, there's an insert image icon and click it.

There will be a pop up tab where you paste the address you copied from the picture link.

Once you click OK, your link automatically has the IMG tags in it so that the forum will display the image.

When you submit your post, the images now appear in your post.

There you go! Job done, now, your turn to give it a try!


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