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Homemade Pen 532nm


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Dec 3, 2011
Wanted to share these pictures of my new DIY Laser Pen. It was a fun process to make and with parts, laser module, and battery it was under $40.

I was at a local hardware store this weekend and purchased some small lengths of brass tubing. It sparked my interest as it said 12.7mm diameter and was only about $2.50 for a foot. When I got home, I was excited to find that the 12mm Aixiz module did fit snug in the end of it :)

I had a green 50mw 532nm module laying around (also 12mm diameter), so I decided to play. I used a pipe cutter to cut the tube down to about 4.5" and in the process was able to crimp the end a lilttle allowing the 532 module to slide in one end of the tube, but be captured by the compressed end.

Now I needed a switch and way to mount it that could be removed easily to replace the battery... so went to Radio Shack and found a small black and red momentary switch pack for a couple dollars. The switch was small enough to fit through the diode port on the Aixiz module (with a little drilling), so with a little sanding and filing, I was able to get the switch mounted in the diode module and trimmed enough off the end of module to allow the button to be pressed. I cut the back off the module housing allowing me to JB Weld the module in brass tube to use the threads for battery access. Turns out that a 10440 battery fits perfect through an Aixiz module with the end cut off:)

I had to mod the switch a little to include a diode as the module is 3V and the battery is ~4V. Diode is under the shrink tube between switch and homemade + board bead.

I lined the inside of the tube with a cylinder made of out card stock to prevent the laser's battery spring (-) from touching the side. The laser module is case positive which makes the brass tube +. I let the glue dry overnight and this morning had a new toy to play with. I unscrewed the switch module, inserted a battery, and it worked!!!

I think I have too much time on my hands :), but IMO it turned out really nice and has good weight.



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