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Helpful charger info (also batteries)


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Nov 20, 2009

For those investing in lasers that use 18650, Cr123s, or any other relative battery, most people like to make sure a good charger is bought to compliment their laser and batteries.

I was at first poking around here for answers to what is a nice charger to have, and most seem to like their their F-139's(usually ultrafire) at a cheap price.
(usually 9$)

But a stern look at candlepowerforums, your major flashlight/electronics forum, the experts and users their reccomend not using these F-139s. Some say the ultrafires are fine, but most warn against it.

These chargers work well as far as charging the battery to full, but the issue arrives when the chargers overcharge the battery, which can lead to short battery life. Most chargers have an end result charge of about 4.22-4.23v, which is higher than the recommended 4.2v. One enthusiast also did some research, and found that the charger would actually charge his battery to !4.3V!(VERY HARMFUL), and once reached, the charger would relax abit, the battery would come down to about 4.22v, and the red charge light would goes to green to indicate charging complete, as the "4.22v end result" that most see. So the maximum point of voltage can actually occur before the charge is over, resulting in very harmful charge to your battery.

As you can clearly see, most the F-139 chargers that act like this will quickly end the life of your battery, and waste your money. Fortunately, there is a charger of about 49$ (if you live in the US), that performs great charge(ends average of 4.18-4.2v, and no spike in the middle of the charge), and is recommended by many enthusiasts to prolong the life of your sacred batteries. In this thread you can see many people recommending the Pila IBC over the F-139.
Best 18650 cells, charger, and internet vendor? - CandlePowerForums
UltraFire WF-139 overcharges batteries? other option? - CandlePowerForums

Now if you dont have the money, would rather a charger 40$ cheaper, a F-139 will suit you, but if you do, YOU MUST USE PROTECTED BATTERIES, otherwise your batteries will be likely to explode or die.

So dont get me wrong, this charger can be used, but only carefully, and with protected batteries (granted your batteries will have a shorter lifespan than those of the Pila IBC).

Also on the forums, the most highly recommended type/brand of batteries is AW's LiIon Batteries. They always have good results, and is a forum favorite. Here is a link to these batteries.
AW's LiIon Batteries Sales Thread *Part 10* - CPFMarketPlace

Hope most of you find this useful!

If you live in the US, buy IBC here, 49$ no shipping cost.
Pila USA

If in the uk, your best bet is to try sites like dealxtreme, or a site like Buy Pila IBC™ 4-stage Charger, AC Adapter, Carrying Case | Pila BC01-AC01 that sells these chargers outside the US
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