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HELP - Portable or Handheld laser? [RED]

Dec 2, 2012
My friend's 18th birthday's coming up, and everyone's buying him the usual stuff (Books/Clothes/Phone/IPod) etc.

I've decided to buy a gadget :D

Now, After a hefty of research, I've decided to buy either a:

1. PL 650nm 200mw for $125.60 (Red beam)
2. HL 650nm 300mw for $109.90 (Red beam)

I have several questions:

1. Why are portable lasers generally more expensive?
2. Can both of the above lasers burn objects such as paper and matches?
3. Is the lower the nm in the range of 435-750, the brighter it is?
4. These lasers above are from the website "Laserbtb.com", are they reliable?
5. I'm located in the UK, where the Law states that the max output of a laser pointer must be 1mw and under. Can this laser pointer make it through customs? (Would the website disguise it like how other website does so)?

Finally, do both of the laser pointers above require you to hold down onto the on switch for the laser pointer to work? (I saw some on YouTube where all you do is click an on button and the laser pointer stays on - are the above ones like that? If not, where can I get one? Do I have to get the torch styled laser pointers?)

Thanks for reading - and I hope you can contribute to my needs :)


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Feb 27, 2011
1. I find that they are usually cheaper than lab lasers.
2. Not white paper, and only non-red matches, or matches that have been colored black with a sharpie.
3. The closer the wavelength is to 550nm (Around that area IIRC, it depends on lighting conditions)
4. Yup, they seem to be a good company.
5. I do not know, but usually even if it is declared as a laser customs wont take it.

P.S. I'm not sure if you can get this anymore, but 200mW 660nm dilda's used to be 30$.
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