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Help needed with CNI green (pics)


Feb 13, 2015

I've bought a CNI 500mw 532nm module (with oem power supply for disco scanners) with 30 kpps galvos and showcard for around ~120$. Module is working fine, but I saw some day (on other site) people upgrading those particular modules to 1w, and even 1.5w 532 - as far as I know crystals can handle much stronger pump diode (I believe there is 2W 808nm basic inside)
but you need to ramp up the power of both TEC's and provide better heatsinking. Here comes the problem - there are 3 variable resistors on power supply, one is for diode, 2 others are for TEC's (one for crystal assembly, second for diode), and I have no damn idea which one is one. I dont even know the pinout of the plug and I dont want to destroy it just to know. Can anyone help me with that? Also, what is the absolute limit for this crystal assembly provided I can tremendously upgrade heatsinking (got some huge radiators and server blowers, also custom metal work wont be a problem for me if needed)?

Here are the pictures