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Help my laser beam is changing size???


New member
Jun 11, 2009
Help my laser beam is changing size?
My new 200mW 532nm laser torch is doing weird things.
After just a few seconds the beam will turn from a nice dot to a droopy oval.
Is this mod hoping?:yabbem:
Even when it's been off for hours. From a cold state it will do this within 10 seconds. It wil some times focos back to a sharp point for a second, then droop back to a sloppy point.

I also noticed that the beam leaves the final lens at a angle. This is weather the beam is drooping or perfect. In fact I noticed this even before it started drooping.

I'm very sad. This was my second bad luck laser. I'm getting very frustrated
I don't care about being able to burn with a 532nm anymore. I have my O-Like dilda for that. I just want a nice beam for gazing at.

I'm also coming to the conclusion that for some of these lasers with focusing optics are just more trouble then its worth.

I wish I just bought a decent priced module like the 130mW-150mW module from O-Like and a nice host from jayrob or many of the other members who make custom host.