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Hello LPF


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Sep 9, 2007
Well iv been a member for almost a year now and barely posted :p i really just kinda studied and bought a few lasers ;) so before i start posting more i thought i would introduce myself :D as you can tell my name is Myles my last name is Mitchell haha. i like in Augusta/Wichita Kansas. And no i dont farm haha i live where it is a town not country :eek: haha actually alot of kansas is country but about a quarter of it isnt. Im 15 and ill be 16 on October 6th. i had 2 lasers a beastly dorcy and a 5 mw core but a stupid ass kid stole them at school and now the school has them (hopefully i will get them back when school starts) i will be goin in to 10th grade as a sophmore. and i am purchasing a DL 95 by nxt weekend ;D so yeah thats about it i play xbox alot and am on the comp alot i have a imac g5 :D and i like to skateboard oh and cant forget that i love lasers haha!