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Hello everybody!


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Oct 21, 2009
Hello, I signed up a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to do this so here it goes.

My name is Matt and I'm from new york (Buffalo) and I'm 14 .I was doing one of my random searches on Google and I found this magnificent stash of information. I Like Lasers (obviously) and Computers. I actually built my own. I have a good lawn mowing job so Ive got some money to spend :) And if your wondering why I have my nave it s because one of the first Ps2 games I played was Desert Storm. In the game there was a rescue helicopter called "Wolfrider 3" and I always used to shoot it down. So my Friend started to call me the wolfhunter. And the numbers are just random but they look cool :)So.. I think that's it for now.