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Has anyone used a drive sled directly, just manually driving laser in sled setup


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Aug 26, 2012
The blu-ray optics spec has the spot being close to diffraction limit, though the focus is about 0.6mm

This is a great spot size, and its probably very near TEM00.

Why don't I see anyone using the drive sled with manual control of the diode? Not removing the diode from the sled or anything, just rip sled from drive, then add current to the diode, and bam, you should have a perfect spot.

My only concerns...
diode heat control --
can I get a refrigerant line or thermoelectric cooler near the diode, or maybe just stick a cooler on the whole backside of the sled?

optics melting from high CW power

fouling the lens from cutting debris --
could probably be solved with negative pressure and laminar flow across the lens so smoke never touches the optics

Thoughts? Opinions? Links to prior art?