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Green, red, blue Lasers... And my next build?


New member
Dec 27, 2011
Alright; Before you guys start yelling at me, I tried searching for this but found no information...

I'm trying to figure out what the next laser is I'm going to build...

I have a rough $15 dollar or so budget, and I'm trying to figure out what color/sled/type of laser to get to start with. (this is the budget for the diode, mind you)

I found this 532nm 50mw Industrial/Green Laser module/3.0-3.7V/Thick Laser Beam | eBay which seems pretty nice, 50 mW of green for $15 bucks. I'm not looking to burn much of anything, so I figured this would be a nice choice.

However, for around 4 bucks more, I can get this, SF-AW210 6x blu-ray laser lens assembly [M0036] - $18.99 : Modwerx Shop which includes both a blue and a red diode. But, I don't know; I already have a PHR-803T laser I'm currently constructing at the moment, so I'm sort of at a brick wall trying to pick what laser to start working on...

I would LOVE to build a blue laser (true blue, like 445nm) but the diodes that are currently available are WAY out of my price range. Plus I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I killed one. :p

As far as red lasers go, I'm not so sure about them; They don't have too much of a wow factor, I mean EVERYONES seen a red laser. Plus red's don't seem to really have a "beam" in the darkness, so I've heard. (unless I'm wrong?) If red, I would more than likely go with this; LPC-815 20x DVD burner laser lens assembly w/ red laser diode [M0031] - $8.99 : Modwerx Shop

The green laser seems to be my best bet, anyway...

What do you guys think?