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Green Laser 20mw Leadlight 808nm IR diode assembly


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Dec 24, 2007

This is an infrared laser diode assembly out of a Leadlight green laser pointer.  This diode produced 20mw of green light, so I would suspect the IR output would be a bit higher.  I took the laser apart because I thought the diode was on the blink, but it turned out all I had was a bad battery connection, and the diode works fine.  I would have kept it, but I've already sold the IR filter and the KTP crystal assemblies.  

This auction includes the IR diode it's self, the circuit board with poteniometer, a glass focusing lense, a brass tube to hold them together, and a circuit board brace that will keep you from buggering the circuit board when the diode is used as a pointer.  The barrel I have the diode mounted in in the pics IS NOT INCLUDED.

As you can see, this diode comes with everything you could need except for the KTP assembly.  Honestly, I really dont know what you could use it for, but if nothing else it could be great for spare parts for a laser enthusiast, especially with the tried and true Leadlight pot.