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Good dealings with StoneTek


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Dec 28, 2010
I ordered a "Blue_M Hotlight kit" from StoneTek for $20, along with the $10 upgrade to include the diode. Due to some kind of internet error on my side, the paypal payment went through, but the order didn't go into StoneTek's system :huh:
So I emailed Greg, and the response was very prompt. He shipped it out a few days later, and I received it about 36 hours after it was shipped :D
When I opened my package, I giggled at his business card, and then I noticed that he shipped me two diodes instead of one. He said he was being nice because of the initial payment problem I had which was my fault :wave:

I was getting ready to take the diodes out of the little heatsink that they come in, and I noticed that they did not look like pictures of PHR-803t diodes that I have seen. So I sent Greg an email with a picture of said diodes, and he replied that he accidentally sent me LPC-815 diodes instead of my PHRs. Personally I attribute this to the order not being in the system correctly, but he took responsibility and shipped me another package with the correct diodes, along with a "gift bundle" literally 12 hours after I sent the email!

I received the package two days after that, and I was basically flabbergasted by how generous he was. He did not send me one PHR-803t diode, but three instead! Along with that he gave me some uranium marbles, six awesome diffraction gratings, a couple warning stickers, and five, count em' FIVE Aixiz modules. Heres the real kicker, he also gave me two Nichia 2W 445 diodes!!! At this point, I was in total euphoria, and my family was making fun of me as I tried to explain how awesome this stuff was in the geekiest way possible. Everything was of very good quality. Though I do not have much to compare it to, the heatsink in the host looks big enough to run a PHR for very long lengths of time.

So thank you Greg! My only regret is that because of these gifts it will be a while until I get to patronize your business again.