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Golden Orb PC CPU heatsink host


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Jun 26, 2015
I decided a couple weeks ago to see what goodies I could salvage from the old PCs I have lying around. I had completely forgotten I had this heatsink. It is fairly large, about 4.5" in diameter, and about 3" deep. The solid area in the center is about 1.75" in diameter and maybe 1" deep. Thinking it would be awesome for a build that required a lot of heat dissipation. As I'm still in the learning phase, I don't really know what diodes generate the most heat, under what conditions, etc, but I imagine someone will fill me in :yh:. I figure having that fan running should help with a hotter running diode.
My idea is, drill the center to accommodate an Aisiz module, possibly thread in a set screw (not sure I can drill a hole the exact size for a tight fit, I need to measure an Aisiz and compare to my bits), and build a stand that will attach to the two existing mount holes. If I do it right, I can make the mount and base swivel and pivot, allowing for the laser to be aimed anywhere, at any angle. So let me know what you all think! I'm looking forward to some ideas/suggestions.



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Sep 10, 2014
If you wanted to build a labby slyle laser that would work great. If you could drill a hole just under 12mm and vise press in a 12mm module..