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GGW build by Mohrenberg


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Jun 11, 2009
This is the second laser I have from Mohrenberg.
originally I had asked him to do a GGW build in his MXDL host.


I later decided that his MXDL would make a nice little low power pocket laser, for just playing with. I asked if we could just do a phr and save the already purchased GGW for a bigger host.

review of MXDL with phr

Since Mohrenberg was not ready with his new and up coming host. We decided on using a host from Ehgemus

This build is by far my favorite laser, in my growing collection.

Mohrenberg said he had set it to 195mA and guesses that with the with the High Power lens from LarryDFW. She should be putting out, close to 250mW.
This is untested. I do have a phr pen from RA_pirece that was metered at just over 150mW with a LarryDFW lens. This beam is definitely brighter and stronger.

Mohrenberg made the Aixiz GGW module. To be able to, just slide in or out, of the host. With no wires to connect.
easily able to replace or upgrade in the future.
It runs on two rcr123 batteries and is using a LarryDFW lens.

Also, the host from Ehgemus is really sweet. This thing looks so cool. It's a custom host and no two are exactly alike. I like em so much, I even ordered a O-Like host from him.
Thanks Ehgemus!

This thing is a wonderful burner, especially with the high power glass lens.
I cant wait for Monday to come so I can show this thing off at work.

One again Mohrenberg was a pleasure to do business with. All his work is top notch Honest and ready to answer any questions.
Order time and shipping were also very fast. For both builds I purchased from him.