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Gear-Best Reviews.


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Feb 24, 2014
Hey guys:

Kathy the new Gear-Best rep sent me some Items for review. First thing is that I want to say is that Gear-Best is a good company. Even if you buy products you can join a club that will get you some perks for reviewing them and sending in the reviews. They have been a very good company for LPF. The reps have listen to the members of LPF and by taking those recommendations and finding the products that we looks for they show us that they respect our hobby and our advice!

1st item.

Huion NG001401 USB Pen Tablet. Huion H420 Versatile Graphic Signature Pad and Digital Cordless Pen Kit with 3 Shortcut Keys-27.28 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com

I am really impressed with this little graphic tablet. It is well built, easy to learn how to operate, No issues getting the software to upload to my pc, Pretty any use for drawing, modeling programs, CAD drawing or any thing similar this would be a great Item to have. The pen that comes with the tablet uses a single double a battery and is solid with a Click button to turn it off and on. The tablet is light weight but still is solid. It responds with in a quarter of a inch from the pen being introduced to the surface. The Tablet is powered by a single micro usb cable with a standard plug in on the computer side. The tablet has three buttons on it like a I phone one for back one for enter and one for forward. The case is hard Black plastic and made well. I am still working on my Modeling program with this as soon as I have my model done I will add it to this review. I have seen similar products go for 80 -100 usd but this little guys is a no where near that . If you ever had a need for one of these and did not have that much laying around with this graphic tablet you dont need to shell out that kind of cash. GB also provided a coupon
Coupon: H420 Price: $24.99


easy to set up,
will work with windows, linux, and mac
comes with extra tips
single double aa battery so no need for expensive batteries



2nd product
Arduino Compatible Uno R3 Rev3 Development Board
Arduino Compatible Uno R3 Rev3 Development Board Powered by ATmega 16U2-12.15 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com

This Arduino compatible board is good. I have written some basic codes and It has no trouble using them. I am still new to Arduino and learning as I go. I have wanted one of these for a while. It comes with a single board and power usb cord as well. It has all of the features that one could want from a arduino board. The header pins are lined in such a way that it will make easy access to establishing a connection with any of the thousand or so modules that go with arduino. It comes in anti static bag and is ready to go from the unpack aging GB has once again come through with a coupon for this little beauty.  Coupon: UnoR3
Price: $10.39

3rd and last prodcut: MaiTech DIY Buck Module: MaiTech DIY High Efficiency 12V - 5V Step Down Voltage Buck Module-4.36 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com

MaiTech DIY High Efficiency 12V - 5V Step Down Voltage Buck Module is a neat little buck module that will work for any thing needing some thing of this sort. I am going to use mine in a laser security system that I currently am working on. The possibilities with this product are endless. It is well constructed and handles the load it was designed for quite well. I plan to order a few more for other projects I want to do and GB has these on sale currently for Price: $4.36 when i looked for similar Modules they were over six bucks so its not a bad price for this module.

Thanks for looking

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Dec 12, 2012
Thanks for the reviews.:)

The pictures are a little large, especially the 7th one.

I have a product that I have coming from them to do a review also. So that will be exciting. It's good that they participate here.:beer:


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Dec 6, 2013
Uh the name is Gearbest not Gear-Best ? thought it was a different company hah..


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Sep 12, 2007
Any comments on the functionality? All I see are vague comments on their purpose and pictures of the products, which I can already see on their site and which says nothing about their quality.