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FS: WOLF 800 kit


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May 4, 2009
Howdy all here is a never befor offered kit.
I call this one the WOLF 800 the host uses two 18650 cells back to back for LOTS of juice for that power thursty 445 diode.
The heatsink is aprox 2 x 2.5" and the copper one will be around TWO pounds in weight :D
The drivers power semiconductor will be heatsunk to the back of this massive heatsink giving a much longer run time :)
here's a couple pic's to get started with, this is brand new ;)
The basic kit (host, heatsink, custom Pyro driver) in Aluminum is $100.00 and in copper it's $130.00 a custom focus ring is $20.00
Diodes and lenses are avable.

the first HS not yet finished.

And a finished HS in Aluminum.

And in black.

if you are interested PM me, Thanks for looking !
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