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FS: pulsar 125


New member
Aug 12, 2007
I realized I still have a pulsar in my collection, originally this pulsar 75 was my first "high" power laser but it had issues and I returned it and was upgraded to the P125. It has about 10-15 mins of use on it, the only thing I can note is it has a small scuff on the end cap. This is one of the newer chrome one, and it doesnt seem to suffer much from the two lines around the dot that some pulsars have badly. I am asking $200 shipped (lower 48 only) partly because its almost like new and a new P125 on wicked site goes for $200 +20 shipping. I would keep it but I dont feel like buying a cap set, if you have a cap set and want to sell it PM me and I might just keep this laser. And please do not seed me a message asking if ill take $100 for it ect, like I said this is basically new and I am sparing you the shipping costs.

Also willing to trade for other lasers.